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Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Machines & Ice Maker Range

Cube Ice Machines

The IM Range

The Hoshizaki IM Ice Machine range of cube producing Commercial Ice Makers are supplied with many features and benefits, these range from the industry leading warranty to the full stainless steel construction. Take a closer look at what Ice Machines Online has to offer in the IM Ice Maker Range.
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Flake Ice Machines

The FM Range

The Hoshizaki FM Series Commercial Ice Machines produce dry flake ice, its long life design features and 2 year warranty ensures piece of mind in the end user. The FM Flake Ice Dispenser series has the a number of built in safety features, The FM range can be ordered to produce either flake or cublet style ice.
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Crescent Ice Machines

The KM Range

The Hoshizaki KM Ice Machine range has a valuable list of benefits and features, from the unmatched 5 year warranty on compressor and evaporator, to the energy saving ice production. The KM Hoshizaki Ice Makers are a favourite amongst small cafes, restaurants and also mining and construction sites. Ice Machines Online offers the best pricing on all the KM Commercial Ice Maker range.
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Ice Maker Dispensers

Hoshizaki Commercial Ice Maker Dispensers

The Hoshizaki Ice Dispenser series is ideal for applications in health care and similar environments. The ice storage area is sealed to prevent contamination. A full 2 year factory backed warranty is given on all Ice Dispenser models. Ice Machines Online is available to help you with all your Commerical Ice Machine needs and requirements.
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Water Filters

Hoshizaki Commerical Ice Machine Water Filters

Water related issues are the most common cause of Commercial Ice Machine Problems. Ice Machines Online provides a quick change water filter system to enhance ice quality and extend the performance and life of Hoshizaki Ice Makers.
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Storage Bin Range

Hoshizaki Ice Maker Storage Bin Range

In order to ensure ample quantities of ice at all times, Hoshizaki and Ice Machines Online offer a wide range of Ice Storage Bins that configure perfectly with Hoshizaki Ice Machines and Ice Makers.
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Fridges & Freezers

Fridge & Freezer Range

The design of the Hoshizaki lineup of refrigeration & freezer products proves to be, for the kitchen professionals, that value, reliability and ease of maintenance, all in one cost effective product. Ice Machines Online provides the best prices on all Hoshizaki Commercial Fridges and Freezers as well as Commercial Ice Machines
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Sushi Cabinets

Sushi Cabinets

Hoshizaki and Ice Machines Online offer stylish counter top displays that were specifically designed to display sushi and maintain freshness. The units have a modern stylish look, including rounded glass and black exterior, whilst maintaining full functionality.
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